Mortgage Finance Limited

Multi-Site, Multi-Locale & Multilingual CMS implementation for the leaders in mortgage finance & realty space

Work Type
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-End Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
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One of the leaders in the Indian mortgage finance and realty space. They have been driving innovation and growth in this sector. Their vision as a growing housing finance company is to make the dream of owning a new home come true, for millions of Indians.

Their range of innovative products, from different types of home loans to property-related services will help meet these dreams – Home Loans, Loans against Property, Fixed Deposit, Retail Property Services, Corporate Property Services, Structured Financial Group, Construction Finance, etc.

TechChefz-DWAO is implementing a full-scale Multi-Site Multi-Locale Multilingual CMS implementation for them.

Project Challenges

  • Corporate Website with 10 regional languages in India with analytics and user personalization
  • Property Search Website for the premium users to enquire and purchase properties with finance benefits
  • Builder Dashboard for partner builders to master property data
  • Full fledge interlinked solution which can be grown in the desired manner.


The TechChefz team created a multi-channel platform dealing with mortgage finance and realty space for transforming their business requirements and needs into digital solutions. The Website lets merchants gain customers and surge profits by automating business to business interactions. Furthermore, the platform provides intricate actions to be performed with minimal efforts making it possible for business clients to onboard their properties without any hassle using the builder dashboard with a plane sailing interface, feasible tools and no manual paperwork, enhancing client’s trust on the company.

Technical Stack-
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • SpringBoot
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target

CMS Implementation:

The website is crafted on an easy to author multilingual platform utilizing Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target and other Adobe products for better analytics and personalization. Constructed on an interlinked platform, the website lets builders upload their property into the system and after proper moderation, the property will float to a customer platform or website which is structured on top of AEM. The implementation of Spring Boot allowed for a loosely coupled architecture making further amendments possible in the future without altering any other component. A minimal click website with easy persona-based navigation using a three-level architecture which provides all necessary actions and products within the welcome screen.

In addition to this, we created a corporate website to show their digital presence with a strong focus on analytics, SEO and products while developing all the apps in a mobile-first manner.