Case Study

International Luxury Hotels

Framework build for web-portal of the leading international luxury hotel chain

Work Type
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-End Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
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Innovation is a consistent travel partner, any place we go.

One of the leading international hotel chain offering luxurious, comfiest rooms & amenities. It manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. It is known for its superior business operations consisting of beautiful properties and distinctive resort locations around the world. Offering its customers the best hospitality experience with 80 extravagant inns in more than 25 countries.

TechChefz assisted with building a major framework for their online web-portal and hotel specific content.

Project Challenges

  • They wanted a better version of their website and a well-built model of their presence in a digital world.
  • They were lacking easy navigation of their webpage.
  • They wanted a detailed webpage of their own which would be able to provide customers with their needs.
  • They required an interface such that changes made on the web were automatically updated on the mobile platform.


Our team analyzed and provided them with a more instructive and thorough representation of their webpage and made it easier for guests to guide themselves into their world.

We helped their cause by designing it on an AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) and by working on privacy policies & major framework and furnished it.

Technical Stack-
  • AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)
  • Designing Content Model
  • Creating Privacy Policies for their Portal

Brand Experience:

We worked on a major framework of their old webpage and designed it into more up-to-date content. Hence, giving them a decorated, beautiful user experience where we could make or edit changes on webpages as well as on applications. Making it a more efficient, reusable and more improved version of their previous portal.

We delivered a consistent brand experience and expanded our client’s reach.