Case Study

Global Car Brand

CMS Implementation for the largest car manufacturer and exporter

Work Type
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-End Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
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Manufacturing quality cars for everyone.

One of the largest car manufacturers and car exporters from India since its inception. Exporting to more than 80 countries, 400+ dealers and 1000+ service points in India.

The brand is known for its advanced production, quality and testing capabilities with fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

TechChefz implemented a CMS platform with seamless integration of much-needed modules.

Project Challenges

  • Integration of main website, service booking and car booking to meet the standards and requirements of the Indian team.
  • Resolving hard coupling of code in user login module implementation and configurator menu development.
  • Linking of databases and avoiding duplication while migrating to the requirements Indian team.
  • Development of Find a Dealer module, Payment Gateway integration for car booking and Dynamic news integration.


As per new updated requirements for Customer relationship management system(CRMS) and Dealer management system(DMS), the Marketing Team decided to revamp and migrate the existing codebase with new additional functionality requirements. For a smooth transition over to AEM 6.1 on Classic UI of their websites, we took a step forward to provide a seamless solution. Domains were shifted using iBATIS as per requirements and advanced technologies were implemented which resulted in a secure and stable product.

Technical Stack-
  • iBATIS
  • Guava Cache
  • Spring boot
  • Oracle SQL
  • AEM 6.1
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Apache POI

Configurator built & Database Management:

Structuring and coding of the Login via Facebook and Google accounts page for immersive user experience was added to the final product. The Configurator module was built from scratch using Spring Boot. It helped users to easily configure any product using add a vehicle, book a car, car specifications, variants and much more for better user experience.

The databases and codebase were originally based on the International website and had to be shifted accordingly. To avoid any duplication and hard coupling of code, code optimization, query optimization, database optimization was implemented to all the databases and the codebase for removal of any hard coupling of data with the use of Oracle SQL and Guava Cache for code level caching.

Dealer Ecosystem:

With the increasing demand for cars, Find a Dealer module was added. It helped users to find a dealer within a certain radius of their location. A Payment gateway for car booking was also integrated for easy booking experience of users. For gathering news regarding the products, a new module was integrated for Dynamic news updates.

The final product delivered to the brand with all the additional modules provided a seamless user experience on the website.